Resorts – A Must for Outbound Corporate Activities

Many professionals feel that any office activity during any of the holidays is extended office work. Be it a discussion on the Annual Business Plan, Business Conference or any Training Program, everybody has to be forced to participate.

The location of the above-mentioned office programs is generally one of the major deterring factors in making them fruitful. Hence, conducting such official events at well-known Resorts has started coming into practice.

Let us understand why Resorts are becoming a must for outbound office activities:

Ambiance that Arouses Interest
The moment we conduct an office related activity in a near office setup, it tends to put people off. On the contrary, imagine having an office event amidst nature, surrounded by landscaped gardens, full of fresh and unpolluted air, away from the city and the whole dynamics of the event changes. Surroundings play a great role in motivating people to be participative.
Informal Environment that Sets a Positive Tone
We all professionals are bugged up being formal four days of the week. Isn’t that the reason why we enjoy informal Fridays? If office activities are conducted in a formal environment it becomes a tight-lipped affair. Resorts give an informal touch to the event where everybody tends to participate actively, and freely. The open spaces open up people in a positive sense.
Facilities that Facilitate Interest
Though nowadays most of the offices are equipped with pantries and recreational areas, still seeing them day in and day out becomes quite boring. The office coffee from the machine does not have the same kind of aroma that is evident when made by a human being. Resorts serve through people so there is always a personal touch to everything, be it beverages or food. The lively décor even at the conference halls of a Resort make the meetings interesting.
Entertainment that Engages All Senses
The indoor and outdoor activities that are an integral part of major resorts keep the participants engaged during free time and refreshes their mood. It boosts their energy levels and keeps them active all through the duration of the office event. The soft music and the fragrances of the flowers in the vicinity of the Resorts satisfies all their senses.
Food that Stirs the Soul
We often find office colleagues enquiring about the food options available during breakfast, lunch/dinner, and Hi-Tea at Resorts. The multicuisine choices keep the participants interest alive in the events to follow. Besides filling their stomachs, the variety of food makes them happy till the brim.
Employee Welfare at its Best
When the happiness of employees is well taken care of, it is bound to get the most favourable results for their organization. Office outbound activities conducted at Resorts bring a feel-good factor amongst employees and augurs well as a wonderful employee welfare activity that can boasted by the HR. One can check the feedback of any office outbound program and you won’t be surprised by the result that happy individuals form happy teams that go the extra mile for their companies. No wonder outbound office programs at Resorts in the in thing.

Prathamesh Resorts is one of the top resorts near Pune that has all the bases covered as a perfect venue for corporate events. Always ready to delight you while you set your targets and achieve them.    

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