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Resort Near Lavasa Panshet

Resort Near Lavasa | Resorts Near Panshet

It is hard to make your kids believe that you used to steal guavas from other people’s tree and eat them directly wandering in the paddy fields. We at Prathamesh Resorts Amusement & Adventure Park help you to bring back that belief in your kid. We cater our customers with resorts near pune for one day trip that helps them to come out to live without the honking of the vehicles. It is almost imperative to note that holidays have just ended up to weekend trips and picnics. Thus, we created this thought for you to enjoy some weekends or a day into the nature.

Enjoy the plucking of ripe fruits

How pleasurable would it be for your kids to have some strawberries right from the plant? Well, yes you may think this to be a dream, but we place this in reality. Our resorts near panshet are well clad with the plantation which allows you to enjoy the plucking of ripe fruits. Well, is this not enticing to believe that your kid spends a whole day without gobbling those burger breads? Yes, we at Lavasa ensure a stay in the resorts which help your kids to enjoy the natural plantations.

Accommodating to a natural playhouse

We produce some amusing for your kids. In fact we have kept in mind to entice you with not much of harmony as that can bore many of the visitors. There are ample adventurous activities within the mtdc approved resorts in pune that helps your kids to be sorted within the pastoral living. We help you and your family to experience the blades of grass decorated with dew drops. We assist your kids in understanding the roots of the country they belong to. In fact, we assist in amalgamating the world of playhouse into the naturally built lawn.

Experiencing the blanket of Mother Nature

It is hard to see a morning without smog in your regular life. But we at Prathamesh Resorts Amusement & Adventure Park provide your kid to enjoy a refreshing jog in an environment clad in fog. This blanket of Mother Nature is probably an experience for your kid. We enhance on different morning sports that your family can part in. Starting from horse rides to a luxury tent stay in pune all are available at this weekend resorts near pune.

Catering to the land of agro

We at Prathamesh Resorts Amusement & Adventure Park allow the visitors to have an utmost figuration of farming in details. We allow the families to understand the depth of farming and the nitty and gritty of farming and the detaining of the bundles of paddy field. We endeavor to put forward a resort for kids which are hard to find in this materialistic world. We allow our visitors to pluck fruits and vegetables from the plantations that they can buy. Thus, we help in encumbrance the difference that is created for the unfortunate city dwellers. It is, therefore, a pleasure from our end when the kids are at their own whims in the widespread lawns of the pastoral lawn.