Best Holiday resorts Mumbai Pune – Prathmesh Resort Sinhagad Fort, Donje

Holiday resorts Mumbai Pune

Best Holiday resorts

Planning for a holiday is difficult nowadays. Searching for the place not so far from the city with a great view, entertainment, and nice facilities within a budget is always a challenge. Prathmesh Resort Sinhagad Fort, Donje makes the best Holiday Resorts Mumbai Pune. At Prathmesh Resort Sinhagad Fort, Donje, you get to experience some of the best adventures under the supervision of professional associates. Don’t miss out on Bungee Trampoline, Flying fox, wall climbing and ATV bikes.

The adventure park has a game zone for the video game lovers. Enjoy the rainwater dancing and swimming or camp in the arms of nature with your family. The adventure park has the spacious living facility and delicious food freshly cooked from agro farms of the resort.