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About Us

Agro Resorts near Pune | Agro Farm Near Pune

Enticing ourselves with something different from the regular lives is imperative. The entirely mechanized world has made us survive like a concrete being. In fact, the deadlines and the daily stress are taking a toll on the everyday lives of the commoners. The loss of socializing power is one of the biggest lapses that the human lives are facing in this century. Therefore, it is an absolute need to cater to the core needs of bonding when there is a vast distance being created in socialization. We understand this statement or rather the condition faced by most metropolitan inhabitants. We at Prathamesh Resorts Amusement & Adventure Park enhance in providing you in with an experience of Agro Resort near Pune which will help you in socializing.

Experiencing the pastoral pleasures

We make you experience a rural living that brings in forth our heritage and culture. We cater our customers with all the necessities of living in an utmost harmony with a simultaneous presence of the modern amenities. We ensure that your kids will not be bored with the acute pastoral living that we provide with. In fact, this adventure resort near Pune is no less than any 3-star resorts within Pune. Thus, with all the enthusiasm gather your family for an exquisite qualitative get together on this weekend.