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Adventure Amusement Park
Resorts Near Pune

Adventure Resorts Near Pune | Amusement Park Near Pune

The Prathamesh Resorts Amusement & Adventure Park helps the visitors to be amused within the pastoral beauty. We call our guests to enjoy the adventure sports near pune. In fact we also cater to the various campaigns conducted by corporate parties or by any picnic organizers. Where else would you enjoy having a complete combination of luxury and nature? Well, it is us who helps you in a bridge climbing along with fishing in the banks. Some rope climbing is also a part that of entertainment that is allowed within the campus of this humungous piece of land.

Living a day within rustic adventure

Mastering in the art of horse riding may be one of your dreams but the Prathamesh Resorts Amusement & Adventure Park actuates the dream. Initiating from the right horse riding, the list is endless:

  • Rope cycling
  • Rope climbing
  • Zip Lining
  • Climbing the hanging bridge
  • Riding the rope way line
  • Fishing in the river banks
  • Hopping to the nearby locations
  • Swimming within the farm house
  • Enjoying the rains within the utmost county view

In fact, we say that the adventure and the amusement can be brought out from the rustic self within you.

Experiencing a night of silence

The nights at our resorts near bhor are something that is mesmerizing. In fact we arrange the night stay in tent near Pune that makes it both enjoyable and refreshing. There is not any night when we go to bed without listening to the honking of the horns or without the sound of television. But we want you to experience a night amongst the whistling of the cricket and the absolute silence that only the abode of nature can provide you with. Probably this is the only way we can help you to experience the entire night at its finest mode.

A pleasurable night at its wilderness

The luxury resorts near Pune will help you in assisting with the tents across the banks at its widest. The night screams of the owls and the hustling sound of the tree leaves are something that will make you enjoy a serene evening. In fact, we help you to discover the beauty of the night. We mandatorily ensure that this night inside the tent will be much more pleasurable than any 3-star resorts near Pune. We call this to be an amusement of experiencing a rich night.

Extending the amusements to local sight seeing

The visitors of the Prathamesh Resorts Amusement & Adventure Park are often here to enjoy their weekend. Or to enjoy their living out from the utmost cosmopolitan living, thus it is paramount to allow the visitors with some amusements. You can either select a picnic spot near pune which will include all the nearby temples, forts and the dams that are at a driving distance from the place. In fact, we also provide the facility of living in the resorts near Baneshwar temple and Balaji temple near Pune. Thus we take the pledge to avoid an enjoyment within a realm.